A consistent flow of leads and enquiries

Immediately position your business in front of ready-to-buy customers

Qualified leads on demand

Fill your sales pipeline with a consistent flow of qualified leads

High Converting Landing Pages

We send traffic to custom pages that have been perfected for an increase in conversions


A consistent flow of warm leads allows you and your sales team to close deal after deal


Transparent reporting means you know exactly what is happening with your campaign at all times

Inbound leads = easier sales

Drive traffic with search engine OR social media ads

The objective is to do two things; increase inbound enquiries and increase inbound leads to enable your sales team to close deals. 

Depending on your business, your goals and objectives, we’ll recommend running ads on either search engines like Google, or on Social Media via Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

We do it all

The right campaign for your business

There are a range of different campaigns that can be run depending on the business objectives, and desired outcome. We’re experienced in running a range of different campaign types.

Want expert advice?

Book a call with us and we'll work out which strategy is best for you!

Inbound Lead Campaigns

Receive high quality leads that are ready to be closed.

Inbound Enquiry Campaigns

Get customers calling you with quality enquiries.

Google Adwords & Shopping

We run ads on Google Adwords, directly where people are searching for your services.

Social Media Adverts

Certain businesses perform better with ads running on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

high-converting landing pages

Convert more visitors with landing pages that work

Using proven industry techniques, we build high-converting landing pages that ensure maximum results. This means more leads are converted at a lower cost.

Google & Meta Partner

You're in good hands

Construction Growth are a Google Partner and a Meta Business Partner.

This means that we’ve demonstrated Google Ads skills and expertise as well as advanced knowledge with Meta Business Tools.

In addition, we have met ad spend requirements and have delivered measurable results, increased client revenue growth and have grown our own client base.

Free chat to understand your options

Talk to a PPC specialist to plan a campaign around your business

We’re here not just to provide services to our customers, but to provide expert advice for anyone exploring their options. Book a quick call and we’ll dive into

  • How PPC could increase your business revenue
  • Which type of PPC campaign would suit your business
  • Which services you’d like to promote and how
  • Pricing options should you wish to move forward

How it works

Understand your needs

Before planning your campaign, we’ll talk about your business, revenue goals, the services you provide and where you’d like to rank. We will also discuss potential business offers.

Design your Campaign

We’ll perform competitive research to design and budget your campaigns. This includes keyword research, advert graphics & copy, landing page creation, tracking and much more.

Launch Ads

Turn on the tap and let the leads flow! Once you approve the ads, we’ll make it live and start our monitoring process.

Record, Optimise & Scale

We’ll record results, optimise the campaigns to increase performance and reduce costs, to maximise your return on investment. 

Pricing & Packages

PPC Packages

from £350 per month

Why is there a minimum Spend?

The minimum spend is to ensure we are constantly achieving results.

If you spend less than our “minimum spend” then we wouldn’t be able to do enough work to be sure that we are able to achieve results. 

We only work with businesses if we can be sure to make a difference and achieve results. 

Frequently asked questions

Usually, PPC campaigns always produce positive results for businesses. However, there are occasions where a keyword cost-per-click (CPC) might be too high for services that produce a minimal profit.

For example, if it takes 50 clicks at £5 per click to sell a £200 service, then you would be making a negative return on investment. 

We require a minimum ad spend because there is a lot of research, testing and optimisation that we need to do, such as Keywords, Split Testing, Ad Copy, Offers, Graphics and Landing Pages. 

Additionally, an ad spend below our minimum recommendation typically doesn’t allow us to get enough traffic to produce enough leads or sales, resulting in a potentially negative ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients. 

PPC Campaigns at or above our minimum budget allows us to produce positive results, and that’s what we’re all about.

Initially, we’ll have an onboarding call with you to discuss the services and areas you’d like to run your campaign in. 

Then, it’s up to you how involved you are – from here we can set up and run your campaigns with minimal input from you. As always, we’re here for a chat and an update if you’re wondering how things are going.

We urge all of our PPC customers to run a campaign for at least 3 months.

Setting up a new campaign is the most important part of a PPC campaign, and the first three months are critical for us to collect data and optimise which keywords are converting, and which aren’t.

Running a PPC campaign for at least 3 months gives us the best chance to fully optimise the campaign, and gives you the best chance to get a reliable return on investment each month thereafter.


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