Launch your business digitally

Attract local leads for your new business

No Upfront Cost

Thousands upfront is a lot for a small business, so we have designed this package to reduce lump sum fees

Everything you need

This package contains everything you need to grow your business digitally, for one fixed monthly fee

Scale as you grow

As your business grows, scale your marketing budget easily to attract more leads

Fixed Price

The price of services never changes, however you are free to increase/decrease your ad spend

no upfront cost + affordable monthly payments

We understand small businesses

For start ups, ‘one-man bands’ and small businesses, we understand that thousands of pounds upfront for a website and marketing is (in some cases) unrealistic.

That’s why we’ve designed the “Local” service business pack to make digital marketing services affordable and accessible for those without thousands at hand to start marketing.

Whats included?

Everything your business needs

The ConstructionLocal package contains everything you need to get started online. Your website, local SEO, advert setup & management (just pay ad-spend), your Google My Business listing, as well as The Business Pack which includes a logo (should you need it), a business card, QR code as well as an explanation video about your business which is perfect for sharing on social media.

Still unclear?

Book a call with us and we'll walk you through exactly what you get, how it works and how it helps your business.

Your Website

Your business website that you own* to the standard of a website that costs thousands.

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for your local area to increase search engine rankings for your services

Advert Management

Management fees for Google Ads & Social Media covered. Just pay the ad spend.

The Business Pack

Get a logo, business card, QR code and video to promote your business online.


maximise your engagement and growth

Advertising digitally is the modern way

Word of mouth is great, when you’re already established… And leaflet drops/traditional marketing is old school. In the 20th century, people are using the digital world to find businesses.

We’ll help you get there.

Free chat to understand your options

Talk to a Social media specialist to plan a strategy around your business

We’re here not just to provide services to our customers, but to provide expert advice for anyone exploring their options. Book a quick call and we’ll dive into

  • The services included in this package
  • The price and costs involved
  • How it will benefit your business and bring in more clients

How it works

Understand your needs

Before anything, we’ll talk about your business, revenue goals, the services you provide and what you would like your business to look like in 6/12 months.

Design your Plan

We’ll make sure this service is right for your business and put together a detailed strategy & plan.

Begin your journey

Once you are happy with the plan to grow your business, we’ll get started. It’s as simple as that.

Generate Leads

Once your new website is live and everything is ready to go; we’ll start running ads to your website and you’ll start generating leads. 

Pricing & Packages

Local Package

from £650 per month

How much am I saving?

The package includes a brochure website worth £750. As well as this, we’ll work on your branding and a logo for your business.

SEO Management & PPC Management fees are included which are worth over £500 per month.

Social Media Set-Up and Google My Business Page set up are worth £150.

Frequently asked questions

You don’t have to run ads, however the package price doesn’t change – so you may as well. Ads are a fantastic way to get instant traffic (and leads) to your business while other services (like SEO) start working.

It’s really up to you, however – we will calculate a minimum amount that we recommend based on a specific formula.

We can never guarantee results, but when using our recommended minimum spend, we can be sure that results are much more likely.

Brilliant! There’s a few options here.

First, ask yourself if you like your current website, if not – we’ll make some changes for you as part of the package (or just rebuild it).

Secondly, we’ll make sure your current website is suitable for conversions, and suitable for SEO. Most websites are, and only require minor tweaks – however some are difficult to work with for a variety of reasons. In any case, it’s nothing to worry about as website development is covered within this package.

This package is designed for small businesses with limited budgets and the prices are based on taking a business from nowhere to online. 

If you’re a slightly larger business, or are already established then this package simply wouldn’t do much for your business.

In any case, speak to one of our experts to discuss your business, requirements and objectives.

It depends – In our experience, certain businesses work better on different platforms and we’ve found potential customers respond differently to different business types depending on the platform.

Additionally, the CPC (Cost-per-click) on Google might be too expensive for your budget, and Social Media is usually a cheaper alternative.

Either way, we’ll do the research and help you decide during our on boarding session. 


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